SDK Overview

We provide developers with a wide range of tools to support all stages of development using our products. Our tools support different IDE tools such as Keil, IAR, SEGGER, etc.

We make sure that all our software tools are cross-platform where it is possible. Our desktop software supports Windows, mac OS and Linux, while all our mobile apps support iOS and Android.

To accelerate the customer design in, we provided several common examples for BLE5.x application, including iBeacon, Body Temperature, Running Speed, e-Tag, Wearable, Mesh Light etc. All the examples could be run on the Development Board, and the example codes are shared with the developers.

Developers could follow the examples to make your own design based on the development board, while only focus on the application, since all the BLE related codes could be generated based on the graphic UI. Checkout the tutorials now to see how easy and seamless it is to develop BLE apps with our SDK.

More examples are available for some customized applications, please feel free to contact INGCHIPS at

Check out the user guide online.